Tips to Turn Your Least Favorite Day of the Week Into Your Least Favorite But Slightly More Tolerable Day of the Week

Mondays have a bad reputation. They’re like the evil queen in a Disney movie. Seems like EVERYONE hates them.

But I have a secret… I like Mondays. I really do! I like getting back into the swing of things after a (usually) restful weekend. I’m an order and routine fan so Mondays don’t really bother me one bit.

And when I was a stay at home mom I LOVED Mondays. Send those kids back to school suckas!! I mean, I missed my babies so much when they went back to school Monday morning (insert eye roll here.)

I always thought there was something wrong with me. I mean, Rainy Days and Mondays [Never] Get Me Down. A rainy Monday is great because it makes me want to bake cookies which benefits everyone!

And I NEVER got what The Bangles were complaining about in Manic Monday. If I had dreams about kissing Valentino AND a guy who talked to me in his bedroom voice, I’d be throwing a dance party! You’re all invited if this ever happens!

It got me thinking what other days of the week songs are out there. Obviously Sunday, Bloody Sunday and Friday I’m in Love, but other than that. Has anyone ever sung the praises of Wednesday for example??

So the research began!! (Yes this is off topic, but I swear I’ll bring it back around… eventually.) I already covered Sunday,  Monday and Friday, so let’s move on to Tuesdays!


So you’re probably all thinking of Goodbye Ruby Tuesday from the Rolling Stones (or like one of the other 8,000 songs about Tuesday – who knew!?) which is a good one, but I bet y’all forgot about…

Tuesday Morning -The Pogues

I forgot about this delicious song! I immediately added it to my “songs to get” list. It includes the line:

“Too many sad days, too many Tuesday mornings.”

Which implies that Tuesday was The Pogues least favorite day of the week! AND it’s also the name of a delightful clearance store that grandmas usually love!

Tuesdays are okay. Worse than Monday for sure, but still not my least favorite. Which brings us to…


Sooooo Wednesday songs are few and far between. If I HAD to pick one I guess I’d pick Wednesday Morning (copy The Pogues much!?) by Mackelore cuz I’ve at least heard of that guy, but meh, not that thrilling of a song in my opinion.

So instead I present this randomly bizarre yet hilarious video I stumbled on during my Wednesday search! What’s that crazy floppy guy gonna do next!?!

Which brings us to:


I can’t believe I forgot about all these glorious Saturday songs!!!!

Hahahahahaha! That last one I’d never even heard of but it had 36 million views so I HAD to watch it! It’s a fantastical Bollywood song. Check it out, yo!

You may have noticed I skipped a day. Guess what!? I totally did it on purpose!!! And last and absolutely the least day of the week is…


This day is just the worst. It’s like the weeks been chugging along and BAM – it’s Thursday. The sad, sad reminder that you have two full days until the weekend. And usually there’s like 27 meetings at work, and all the stuff from Monday is due, and everyone is grouchy because it’s Thursday not Friday, and you’re tired because it FEELS like it should be Friday by now.

So I present three fun tips to make Thursday slightly more tolerable. Take what might work for you and insert it into your daily living, or not, or whatever.

  1. Wear your lucky item of clothing/jewelry/etc. I usually go crazy and wear my lucky underpants (pink polka-dots) AND lucky earrings (star and moon.)
  2. Save and wear your favorite outfit for the week on Thursday. Makes it a teeny tiny bit better.
  3. I saved the best for last! Institute Take Out Thursday! I like to eat out. And by the time I get off work any day of the week I’m usually in the mood to just pick up food. But I find that I’m able to resist this primal urge if I know I’ll be picking up food on Thursdays.

And it’s no joke that I picked Thursday as the take out day! I did so very deliberately so that I’d have something to look forward to on my least favorite day of the week. And therefore make it slightly more tolerable.

And I bet you thought I forgot about Thursday songs. I totally didn’t!

Thursday -Pet Shop Boys

So somehow those little things make my least favorite day slightly better and a tiny bit more tolerable.

“But Audrey,” you say, “my least favorite day of the week is Wednesday because anytime someone says ‘hump day’ I get The Humpty Dance stuck in my head for a real long time!”

“No worries,” I reply, “the beauty of it is you can apply it to -wait for it- ANY DAY OF THE WEEK! So even if your least favorite day is different than mine, you can use these sweet tips to spice it up slightly!”

What’s your least favorite day of the week? Does it match mine!?


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