Songs for My Brother’s 39th Birthday Mix CD

I have a little brother. Our birthdays are 12 days apart. His comes first. When we were kids like every single year for those 12 days he’d be all, “guess what!? I’m 12 and you’re only 13!” And I’d get so mad because my birthday was coming up and then I’d be 14 thank you very much!!! He was also the same size as me when we were kids leading to everyone asking, “oh are they twins?” And I’d be mad again because I was TWO ENTIRE YEARS older than him!! 

Well now that we’re adults and he’s a good 10-11 inches taller than me and people generally think I’m the little sister making me joyfully yell “in your face sucka!” 

For as long as I can remember, but it probably started in college, we’d make each other mix CDs for each other’s birthday. Over the years it has become my absolute favorite gift and I look forward to both making his CD and getting mine 12 days later. 

So his birthday is coming up next month and mine in September so I thought I’d brainstorm a little about his CD here just for fun. 

As the years go on and we keep doing this, I’ve started to come up with themes if you will for his CD. This year, as he gleefully turns 39, I’ve decided that songs involving the word birthday or something about a year going by or growing older or a party. I also usually include a theme from a tv show or movie and/or commercials from when we were kids. 

So here’s what I’ve got so far:

  • We Close Our Eyes -Oingo Boingo
  • I’ll Be There for You -Bon Jovi
  • It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want To -Lesley Gore
  • Fly Like an Eagle -Steve Miller Band
  • Landslide -Smashing Pumpkins 
  • My Buddy commercial
  • Inbetween Days -The Cure
  • Pee Wee’s Playhouse Theme Song
  • Mad World -Tears For Fears
  • Fight For Your Right to Party -Beastie Boys

And I’m struggling to come up with others. Caveat that I like to include songs we actually know, not ones that are completely random but fit the theme. Our tastes in music tend to be pretty similar so that makes it easier. 


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